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The CPS Strong Top is made of 100% Carbon Pre-preg, seamless single piece construction, air pressure with compression molding. The carbon pre-preg has an optimal proportion of fibers and resin. Hence, CPS Strong Top has a reinforced, impact- resistant hull offering excellent strength en durability.

Agility features: quick and responsive , plus outstanding nose control. The special bottom-hull ridge design makes the boat not only faster, but exceptionally maneuverable as well. Adjustable seat-setting according to what you like and what you want!

Boats include bumpers and footrests.

Boats are only ordered when enough orders are received. This might take up to a few months.

Length 286cm, / 298.57cm with bumpers

Width 58.47cmDepth 26.70cm

Volume 185L

Weight 9KGS

Paddler weight 76-96kg

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