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Reed Chillcheater

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Reed Aquatherm spraydecks are completely waterproof. No water leaking in while using this! It is somewhat more fragile than neoprene decks, therefore some people use it underneath their neoprene deck, which is no problem as it is very thin.

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Our Aquatherm spraydeck with adjustable waist it is a lightweight revolutionary design. Ideal for slalom, sea kayaking, polo, touring and recreational use. Draw cord waistband. All decks can also be attached to tops.The fabric's outer surface is 20 times more abrasion resistant than neoprene. Aquatherm deck fabric has 360 degree street, instant memory return and 80% less volume and weight compared to traditional neoprene products without compromising performance. It is comfortable, durable and supple, UV stable, waterproof and fast during. A popular choice for competition disciplines: slalom, polo, surf, sprint/marathon and river racing, as wel as for sea kayaking/touring and recreational use. For rodeo, whitewater, extreme conditions and for practicing rescues we recommend neoprene decks.

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